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Here we go

I love writing. I feel it gives me the magical ability to bring things from my imagination into “reality” and the other way around. But when it comes to choosing the words to make this happen, well…it can be less magical at times.

In marketing, words are assets. The right headline, the correct description, the most persuasive selling points, the most efficient message all rely on accessing this resource quickly and with precision.

But writing is much more than an instrument. It is a bridge, that allows us to connect, to understand and to express ourselves, to stay in touch. Pouring meaning into shapes of intention and hope is what makes it so special and socially indispensable. And although it might seem strange, good marketing is very similar.

I started Coach4Marketing because I want to transform the meaning and knowledge I held precious into a practical and personal solution. My goal is to support and share growth, stand by the amazing people who take a leap of faith towards what they love and assist them in turning their dreams into reality. If you want to know about me, you can read my story and share your own in a comment.

Partly, I want to do this because I too have done that big jump into the unknown, having nothing but the certainty that I should be doing something I love. So I know how it feels to be overwhelmed, to know what you should do but be totally confused about how to actually get around to doing it. I have felt myself the conflict between the promising theory and the demanding reality.

What you will find in this blog

  • Articles on business-relevant topics (marketing, coaching, personal development, learning, lifestyle)
  • A personal touch. Well…ok, more than a touch. It’s all personal, even when it’s business since I support people (who impact companies) to grow.
  • Sharing. A lot of sharing. I frequently discover tools, books, articles that inspire me and I am very happy to pay them forward.

What you will not find here

  • A magic universal pill or a quick fix. As much as I believe in magic, the wand is where I cross the line. Maybe because I don’t have it, or maybe because I do not believe that is how magic actually works.
  • Room to judge – I have low to no tolerance towards bullying of any kind or judging others instead of offering support.
  • False information – I do my best to keep my information accurate and clean.

This blog is about work and belief, not about 1,2,3 – now it’s all done/ gone. It is about your journey and mine, and millions of stories that happen by joining forces.

To sum it all up, I believe in you and your dreams. So just browse around and have fun!

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